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LASCLOE is a silk scarf brand created by the designer Chloé Lamy.

The final patterns are the result of a plastic artwork.

First she draws with paintbrush and ink (black and colors) on paper.

Then the fabric is digitally printed and crafted in Spain.


The process of drawing is intuitive.

No anticipation. Rupture with the mind. Connexion to the unconscious. 

Quest of what is essential and residual.

A vegetal universe takes shape.

The spiritual wealth of her travels in Peru and India is reflected in her artwork.


The name means LAS CLOE or the different faces of Chloé.

Diversity of the inner movements.

The next sets will illustrate new forms and colors, exploring other areas of the mind.


The spanish tonality of the name is a tribute to the 3 years past in Spain.

Thanks to this experience, LASCLOE was born.


More about the original artwork : www.chloelamy.weebly.com

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