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LASCLOE is a silk scarf brand for women and men founded in 2014 by the designer Chloé Lamy.


The process of drawing is intuitive.

No anticipation. Rupture with the mind. Connexion to the unconscious. 

Quest of what is essential and residual.

A vegetal universe takes shape.

The spiritual wealth of her travels in Peru and India is reflected in her artwork.


The name means LAS CLOE or the different faces of Chloé.

Diversity of the inner movements.

The next sets will illustrate new forms and colors, exploring other areas of the mind.


The spanish tonality of the name is a tribute to the 3 years past in Spain.

Thanks to this experience, LASCLOE was born.


LASCLOE cares about Sustainability


- Designed and crafted in France
- Natural fabric and water pigments used - GOTS certified organic silk fabric
- Limited quantity for products
- Quality and durability prioritized
- Human values 





The designs are made by ink, as well as with brush on paper.

Then the designer Chloé Lamy digitally touches up her drawings

to finalise the patterns on her shawls at her workshop

in Thorens-Glières, Haute-Savoie, France.

création de motifs par la designer textile Chloé Lamy
impression digitale sur soie, utilisation d'encres à l'eau



The patterns are printed on Italian silk

with water pigments by a Spanish family-owned company,

based in Catalonia.

The silk fabric is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).


Garment manufacturing

The shawls are done by the seamstress Pascale Ridet

in her workshop in Thorens-Glières, Haute-Savoie, France.

After cutting the fabric, the hem is machine sewn.

Once the fabric is turned over and ironed,

the seamstress seals the shawl by hand, using a technique of invisible stiches. Finally, the label is added to the garment.

confection réalisée par la couturière Pascale Ridet, à Thorens-Glières, France
confection à la main de chaque pièce, fermeture aux points invisibles
packaging coffret rigide pour protéger l'étole. Idée cadeau




Ready for delivery!

The shawl is delicately folded and stored

in an elegant box, perfect for a gift.

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